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Maritime Accelerator 2019

June 1
  Call start 
August 11
  Call end 
October 8-9
  1st Bootcamp 
October 29-30
  2nd Bootcamp 
November 20-21
  3rd Bootcamp 


Maritime Accelerator is an innovation ecosystem for corporations and startups.

We bring together maritime corporations with great impact and fast moving startups with momentum. In our three month accelerator program the best will join together for concrete ventures.

Our goal is to create an innovation ecosystem that generates new business, speeds up heavy industry development and strengthen Finland becoming the leading European maritime hub.

How it Works

Maritime Accelerator is all about accelerating cross-company collaboration projects. We are looking for innovative global growth companies to partner up and to scale together with our partner corporations.
The goal of the Maritime Accelerator is to help growth companies to enter new markets and to get new venture clients from our partner corporations. Correspondingly we are supporting the partner corporations to utilise already existing new innovative solutions and technologies to be taken into use in agile environment.

Selected growth companies will be invited to a 3-month accelerator program. Each partner corporation will invite 3 to 5 growth companies to Turku, Finland to the 1st bootcamp to draft vision and feasibility of a joint goal. The best matches will continue to 2nd bootcamp to brighten the joint goals and to set milestones with their dedicated partner corporation with support from Avanto Ventures and Turku Business Region. During the 3rd bootcamp we will organise venture finals where the teams can present the joint projects to a wider maritime industry audience.

Application Period and Selection Process

Submit your application by August 11th in order to be selected to the Maritime Accelerator program where the selected startups will have chance to work closely with top corporates and maritime experts. Applications will be evaluated by end of August and the best growth companies will be invited to Skype interviews in early September to explore the potential for collaboration.

Focus Areas

Royal Caribbean

  • Waste Management
  • HVAC Optimisation
  • Sustainable & New Materials


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Usage Optimisation & Automisation
  • Sustainable & New Materials


  • Operational Efficiency & Transparency (shipyard management)
  • Shipyard Safety
  • Digital How-to-Instructions

#energy usage optimisation #digital twins #air condition optimisation #AI #ML #waste management  #advanced materials #nano-coatings #insulation materials #safety #fault reporting #employee engagement #construction management #digital instruction manuals #robotics

Why Take Part


  • Access and visibility within the maritime ecosystem
  • Opportunity to co-create with the corporate for 3 months to get new venture clients
  • Access to the global customer base of the accelerator partners


  • Get access to the maritime ecosystem together with the key partners
  • Create concrete business ventures & pilots
  • Hand picked startup partners and concrete venture pilots

Turku Business Region

At Turku Business Region we offer local business and innovation services and networks in spearhead fields throughout the life cycle of a company. We can help with starting a business and expanding the operations both locally and to new markets.

Avanto Ventures

At Avanto we build bridges between corporations and startups by creating fertile ecosystems and sustainable businesses. We have proven record on helping both corporations and startups discovering, shaping and scaling new businesses.